Drug Testing – Age Group Triathlon

The IOC have released a consensus statement regarding dietary supplements for high performance athletes. Given the increase in drug testing within age group events, this information is relevant to many of our athletes. For example, Coach Kate was drug tested three times in 12 months and Coach Stephane twice in 18 months.

As both coaches & athletes we are pleased that testing is becoming more common place. For us it helps prove that our results are purely based on hard work, smart and consistent training. Without the use of performance enhancing substances. Whilst, it also discourages other athletes from cheating the system.

It does mean that as athletes we all need to be careful what we ingest. You as the athlete are the one responsible.

This includes sport nutrition supplements such as electrolyte tablets, powder, energy bars & gels. Cross contamination is a real problem & it is vital that the supplements you choose to take carry a HASTA certification or Informed Sport certification. You can check whether your nutrition supplement sold within Australia has been tested using the ASADA app.

GPC Squad is proudly sponsored by Pro4mance Sport Nutrition which carries the HASTA certification. This means each batch produced is testing for contamination of banned substances. The products are suitable for pre, during & post exercise nutrition & hydration.

Vitamin supplements should also be considered. Herbal supplements are at particular risk of cross contamination, especially if manufactured or processed outside of Australia. It is important to visit your GP to get a blood test & discuss your requirement for vitamin supplements & then the best course of action. In most cases a good balanced diet which includes protein, carbs, fats and plenty of fruit & veggies will fulfil the body’s requirements.

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