Endurance Training Learning to Train Easy

Athletes completing endurance training for triathlon or running, frequently fall into the trap of doing their “easy runs/cycles/swims” too fast amongst their other training sessions.

Here are a few reasons why knowing your HR/pace/speed zones and sticking to the right pace are important:

  • Remove the pressure of pacing & times and enjoy the session
  • Improve endurance without additional stress from speed work on your body
  • Active recovery after a day or two of intense training

How to rectify this:

  • The 80/20 rule of training has been proven to increase endurance. 80% of your training at low intensity, 20% at moderate to high intensity
  • Follow your prescribed sessions including recovery time- otherwise the focus of the session will change from speed to threshold or endurance
  • If you struggle to stick to low intensity wear a HR monitor or use a power meter as a guide
  • Get your VO2 & lactate tested by a sport physiologist so you know your accurate zones. METS Performance are our preferred providers of this service.

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