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GPC Tri Stretching Guide

Stretching has many benefits including lengthening your muscle fibres, ligaments & tendons to allow them to move through their full range of motion for each desired activity.

Periods of inactivity, hard training sessions, sitting down at a desk or in a position for too long (eg. TT position on bike) can reduce the length of these soft tissues making movement harder.

GPC has put together a basic stretching session for you to use during the week after sessions or a general warm up. This is a general guide and you should contact a practitioner if you are experiencing specific tightness or fatigue in one or more areas.


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3x AG World Champion. Kate has been doing triathlons for almost five years. She started in a beginner squad with a mountain bike and no previous cycling of running training. Kate began initially to meet new people, stay fit & for a new challenge. Her competitive spirit quickly took over and she started training more & more to improve & keep up with the squad.