This is what I recommend my coached runners to use on race day. It has always worked for me too.

Nutrition is an important part of training and racing, don’t neglect it and practise this on your long runs. Don’t ever try new things on race day!

I always recommend to wear a full belt for a Marathon with two bottles or hold two hammer  bottles in your hands. It is better to be self sufficient on

important race. The organisation might have a nutrition product that you don’t like and that your body will reject…

1/2 marathon, you can get away with only one bottle that you can carry in your hand or even just one caffeine gel half way with water.

If you are training for a marathon or IM, then you need a nutrition plan. Practise it so you know it works for you before you realize this on race day.

If you do a 1/2 marathon in preparation for a marathon or IM, wear your full belt with two bottles and use it as a test and put the following in each:

1 table spoon of Hammer heed

½ tea spoon of Cabot Magnesium only

1 Hammer gel with caffein

1 hydralyte sport satchel or Hammer Fizz


This will be concentrated so my advice is to drink small sips and always right before an aid station (when available) so that you can rinse it down with

water. Mixing it with water will help deleting the mixture on your stomach and will reduce the chances of making you feel sick.

It is also important to cool your body temperature down by pouring water onto your neck and head. Make sure you tilt your head back while doing this

so that you don’t end up with soaked socks and shoes that will lead to more weight and blisters!!!

The choice of equipment is also very important on the day. Use comfort over fast and use socks you know are working for you. Never use new shoes

and socks for race day! Also make sure your top is light and breathable or with the sweat, it could turn into a nasty nipple rash with the weight of it.

Race hard 🙂