No such thing as bad weather – just bad clothing choices

GPC Squad is based in Geelong / Melbourne. Melbourne is affectionately known as the city which experiences four seasons in one day. Our latest local race consisted of gale force winds, clouds, rain and hail. It finished with sunshine and blue skies. When training here, we need to be prepared for all conditions for training and racing. Below are some tips to prepare for a variety of conditions.

Cold Weather <15 degrees

  • Winter or thicker jersey with arm warmers
  • Standard jersey with light breathable over jacket
  • Undergarment tee shirt or long sleeve top (moisture wicking)
  • 3/4 bib shorts or knee warmers or leg warmers
  • Woollen socks
  • Bandana, ear warmers, neck warmer (light sleeve) or scull cap / beanie
  • Shoe covers for cycling shoes
  • Wind breaker / waterproof long finger gloves

Cool Weather 15-20 degrees

  • Standard jersey & bib shorts
  • Undergarment singlet (moisture wicking)
  • Arm warmers
  • Sleeveless or short sleeve tri suit
  • Tee shirt or long sleeve top with shorts
  • Tee shirt with 3/4 tights or full length tights
  • Light bandana or ear warmers
  • Toe covers for cycling shoes
  • Long finger light weight gloves

Mild / Fine Weather 20-28 degrees

  • Standard jersey & bib shorts
  • Sleeveless or short sleeve tri suit
  • Tee shirt or singlet, shorts or 3/4 tights
  • Visor or run cap
  • Fingerless gloves

Summer Conditions 28+ degrees

  • Standard or lighter weight jersey & bib shorts
  • Short sleeve tri suit with sun protecting arm sleeves
  • Singlet and shorts
  • Run cap (easy to cool head with water or ice)
  • Fingerless gloves

Rain / Cold Winds

  • Breathable waterproof light weight rain jacket
  • Breathable light weight running or cycling vest
  • Waterproof or long finger gloves

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