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Open Water Swimming Tips For Triathlon Racing

Open water swimming is one of the most feared races and parts of a triathlon. Conditions can often test the most experienced swimmer. There is only one way to improve though, and that is to get out there and practice.

Coach Kate shares her tips for swimming safely in open water and improving your speed.

Before the swim:

  • Ensure you are confident swimming in a pool and have practiced sighting and swimming longer distances.
  • Swim with a buddy in open water- always!
  • Choose a location which suits your ability and the aims of the session.
  • Know the local conditions such as wind, wave and current strength & direction, other water users, water quality & temperature etc.
  • Choose markers eg. buoys or poles to mark out a course.
  • Fit your wetsuit (if applicable) carefully. Ensure that it is not too big to take on water & is pulled up with maximum amount of neoprene around your shoulders & back for improved mobility.
  • Wear lubrication around your neck, shoulders and any other place it may rub on your skin.

During the swim:

  • Wade carefully into the water to avoid sea life, rocks, glass etc.
  • Choose a object to sight and swim to, if it is a small object consider sighting something larger on the land to assist you.
  • Sight every 4-6 strokes by lifting your head so just your goggles are out of the water during the catch phase of your stroke. Breathe to the side after sighting.
  • Swim with your buddy and frequently check each other’s location.
  • Breathe every 2-3 strokes to maintain adequate oxygen levels.
  • Practice drafting either on the feet or hip.
  • If you are anxious, panic or begin to hyperventilate either roll onto your back, swim a few strokes of backstroke or freestyle until you regain regular breathing patterns.
  • Ensure you exhale fully under water with each few strokes. Humming or singing can assist this.
  • If someone decides to swim on top of you in a race- try and relax, kick a little more to help get them off you, sight and move away from them, finally if they pass you try and jump on their feet to draft them.

The GPC squad conducts numerous group open water swimming sessions per week during the warmer (and sometimes not so warm) months. Contact Stephane for more information or come along to our open water specific swimming squad.

For more information check out the following web pages:

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About the Author:

3x AG World Champion. Kate has been doing triathlons for almost five years. She started in a beginner squad with a mountain bike and no previous cycling of running training. Kate began initially to meet new people, stay fit & for a new challenge. Her competitive spirit quickly took over and she started training more & more to improve & keep up with the squad.