Pro4mance – Endurance Sports Nutrition Products

Starting in 2017, GPC Squad are proud to announce a new partnership with Pro4mance Endurance Sports Nutrition Products. A local Melbourne-based company and made in Australia these are premium products backed up with scientific research.

Here’s a bit more about them:

We’re the 4.30am starts. We’re sacrifice. We’re grin & bear it. We’re the extra 10% that others won’t do. We’re hard work. We’re Pro4mance Endurance Sports Nutrition.

Pro4mance was created out of necessity. Disenchanted by misleading, difficult to use, poorly manufactured and terrible tasting sports nutrition, Andrew, an avid endurance cyclist, started to search for a product range which addressed all of these issues, with no successful, it spark the flame to create a new product range specifically aimed towards endurance athletes.

From here, Andrew teamed up with some like-minded Melbourne based athletes, a highly experienced team of Sports Dietitians and Food Technologists and Pro4mance was born. Today, Pro4mance has grown to fuel 1000’s of endurance athletes in Australia and New Zealand. With research being a fundamental component to the brand, Pro4mance has partnered with Monash University to continue the advancement of sports nutrition research while utilising their world-class facilities for product and athlete testing.

Pro4mance has changed endurance sports nutrition forever, by creating a world first, modular based product range which allows athletes to customise their nutrition to meet their own endurance needs.

Manufactured in state of the art facilities, Pro4mance is proud to be 100% Australian Made and Owned. Coupled with research proven, premium quality ingredients, the Pro4mance product range continues to outperform all others in improving an athletes endurance.

The Pro4mance journey continues with ongoing product development and testing, lead by athlete feedback, race analysis and laboratory research. This will ensure all new Pro4mance products will continue to give athletes “The Endurance Edge”.

Pro4mance have some great products covering you for nutrition, hydration and recovery. For more about their products please follow this link. Further details regarding GPC’s partnership and benefits to athletes will be released soon.

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