Running cadence is so important. Getting the cadence right will mean that you will be injured less, that it will put less load on knees, hips and lower back. It will mean faster, more economical and more efficient running. The right cadence will often help people stop heel striking and over striding as well. The right cadence is everything in my eyes if you want to perform, especially for Marathon and Ironman racing and training. With the right cadence, you will save some energy. You cannot also expect to be keeping a high foot and knee lift when you have to run off the bike for that long. Forget about a high foot and knee lift, we are not track runners. We need to be economical and the right cadence will help with this. But please but careful with this change. Do it slowly and step by step. Increasing your cadence will also mean increase of your heart rate and increase of calves + feet injuries. You will need a long time to adapt to this and get to the right cadence which is 175 to 180 steps per minutes. Best is to do the change when you are not in a big load of training busy training for a A race. Do this in the off season or when there is no major changes of volume &/or intensity. My tip is to increase 5 steps per minutes each two weeks. Not weekly please and no more than 5 steps per minutes. While doing this, look after your calves and feet more than ever, get a weekly treatment, do self massage and roll on a lacrosse ball. Good luck 🙂