This week we welcome Saucony to the GPC family. They will be supporting us via The Running Company Geelong. Here is a story about the president’s journey in running.

The President’s Journey

I have been a runner for over 30 years now.  I have run over 100,000 miles in that time.  My job has afforded me the opportunity to run all over the world.  I can tell you that the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen was on a run in Hong Kong.  I can still picture a waterfall in Switzerland that I ran by over 20 years ago.  Running has been with me through all of life’s ups and downs.  I can tell you that the most memorable run was the day after I got married and my wife and I went for a run and we excitedly talked about what the rest of our lives together was going to be like.  That the most surreal run I have ever been on was the morning my son was born.  All the thoughts, fears and most importantly the dreams that I started dreaming for him that morning still stay with me today.  I can also tell you that I cried on a run the morning of my mother’s funeral and I outlined in my head what I was going to say at her eulogy.

I guess what I am trying to say is that running has been a life long journey for me.  That journey has had so many turns, and the goals of that journey constantly change.  When I started this journey, it was all about running as fast as I could and breaking the tape at the finish line.  For four years I got the honor to pull on a University of Maine singlet and race to represent my college, my home state, my friends and family.  At that point in my life, running was a sport, a competition, and it was all about racing.  However, during that time, I found that I liked to race, but I loved to run.  I loved the way it made me feel, I loved training runs with my teammates who have become lifelong friends.  I loved being outdoors and exploring the streets and trails on my own two feet.


Over the years, the journey has transformed away from the competitive side to one that is about heath, both physical and mental, being fit, and a social activity.  I have not raced in years, but I still run every day with the same commitment I had “back in the day”.  That commitment is because I want to be healthy, see my son grow up and spend every day I can with my wife.  Then there is this, even after all these years, I still love to run.

I don’t tell you this because I think my journey is some sort of extraordinary thing.  My journey is special to me because it is my journey.  It is a road map of my life and that is what makes it special to me.  That is what is so great about running, we all have our own journey.  Your journey is far different than mine, and it is special because it is your journey.  Think about all the great things you have seen and experienced while on a run.  The friends you have made on runs.  The beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  The first fall morning you wear a long sleeve shirt on a run.  That sense of accomplishment after getting out the door and running, even if you dread doing it beforehand.  How you feel when you accomplished that goal, whatever that goal may be.  Think about all the different thoughts, topics and dreams you have pondered while running.


That specialness of each person’s journey is important to me and everyone who works here at Saucony.  You see, every day we get to come to work and try to do something that will let us be a small part of your journey.  Maybe you are running in a pair of shoes or a piece of apparel from Saucony that is helping you do the thing you love.  Maybe one of our blog posts, or advertisements inspired you to get out the door this morning.  So many times when I see someone wearing Saucony, I wonder about their journey.  Are they trying to lose weight?  Are they training for a race?  Or is the reason for their journey something that I never thought of before?  I love to ponder that question.  More importantly, I love to be at a brand that is constantly thinking about your journey and looking for ways to be a part of it.  So here’s to your journey and all the wonderful twists and turns along the way.

By: Pat O’Malley

From – “The Journey

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More information to come regarding the partnership between GPC & Saucony & The Running Company.