I have been training with Stephane for a couple of years and after initially starting with triathlons, I have shifted my focus to purely running due to time pressures.

After telling Steph of my goal to run a sub 3hr marathon I set my focus on trying to achieve this at Melbourne this year. Steph agreed that this was a realistic goal and promised he would do everything possible to make it a reality. Steph has a fantastic ability as a coach and person to structure your training around existing commitments and push your limits without creating unrealistic expectations. He is unrelenting in his drive towards training standards and his motivation is amazing when there are times you are lacking.

I can’t thank Steph enough for pushing me outside of my comfort levels and encouraging me all the way to ultimately achieving a huge personal goal of a sub 3hr marathon this year. Thanks Steph you are an amazing coach who gets the most out of all your athletes by setting the bar so high yourself. I cannot wait for extending my limits even further for the next race.

Cam Spolding