I was tired all the time. Was beginning to develop sore wrists (not the best when you’re a manual therapist), and just generally felt sluggish.

I had never run before, never swam before, and hadn’t ridden a bike for 6 years, so, for some reason I thought…

I’m going to do ALL THREE AT ONCE.

When I started, I swam one length of the 25m pool and thought… NO WAY!!! That was ridiculously difficult!!! I instantly gained new found respect for every single person swimming laps in the lanes next to me.

I went for a run. I could run about 100 meters, before walking. It took me about 3 days to recover from these initially!! I then began using a “C to 5k” app on my phone, listening to voice prompts to help get me running over a 9 week period, with the goal of completing the 6km Run Geelong event.

At this point I thought, I’d better get some coaching, because I’ve got no idea what I’m doing!!

So I did.

Best decision I ever made, because with coaching, I had a weekly program that gradually pulled me out of the sluggish person and into a fit person.

I completed my first Half-Ironman and actually enjoyed it!

With more guidance and hard work, this culminated in representing my country in a world championships. Amazing.

David Birley