Swimming – Tips to go faster

Tips for faster swimming from world-renowned coach Joel Filliol:

  1. Conditioning: To improve your technique you need to first develop the muscular strength and endurance to be able to execute the technique changes. Start with short distance reps with more rest to maintain best technique.
  2. Don’t Over Think: There is a saying called “paralysis by analysis”. Focus on one or two focus points and engaging in the process of swimming. Avoid thinking about what you are doing after the session, eating for breakfast etc.
  3. Quality in Each Swim: Include some pace work or strength work in each session if you do less than 4-5 swims per week. This might include paddles, band, sprints, short efforts etc.
  4. Paced Sets: Do your main set swims at a faster pace than your race pace. Split up the distance into 100s/200s and repeat to cover desired distance.
  5. Use Swim Equipment: Band to emphasise correct body position and propulsion, paddles for proprioception and strength – check out the blog.
  6. Work on Cadence: Makes a big difference when swimming in open water particularly during choppy conditions or in a group. Check out our Open Water Swim Blog.
  7. Join a Swim Squad: To challenge you and improve your technique. Check out GPC’s Swim Squad.
  8. Dry Land Exercises: Help with muscular recruitment and enhancing technique improvement. Focus on body weight and band work rather than machines.

For the full article visit Joel Filliol’s Blog