To go pro or not?

It is a tough gig. I have done it from 1997 until 2003. It was a great lifestyle and a ego boosting excercise. I loved it even if I was not making much money and even if it was all about me, my training, my recovery and my travelling plans.  You need to be selfish to make it and the world has to turn around you and your goals to make it. I wasn’t good enough on the run to get the real money and was barely making a living out of it. I was also working part time so that I could feed and support myself. Would I do it again? Yes for sure but like I did = without a serious relationship or job. I had a few relationships during that time but it was all too hard for both with the constant travel and the lack of flexibility. Also, at that age, my girlfriends wanted to go out which is fair enough but it just doesn’t work with Elite racing. I travelled the world through triathlon and I was lucky enough to meet my beautiful wife Belinda because of it. When I met her, my Elite days ended to start a normal life until 2009 when I started coaching full time. I found my real + long term job then and a new life style that I love and cherish these days. Follow your dreams always but you need to have an amazing network of people and support around you or it will not work. My Dad was that person for me. Train safe 🙂