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Triathlon & Running Support Team Geelong

Given the volume of training endurance athletes do, it is important to include recovery and injury prevention into your training schedule. In the past GPC coach’s have provided you with basic stretching, core, recovery advice, nutrition advice & strength & conditioning programs & information. In addition to this it is important to address all areas of your preparation. Below are a list of GPC’s support team we recommend for the best treatment & advice in Geelong.

Click on the link to go to each practitioner’s web site & make a booking. Be sure to mention you are a GPC athlete when you book.

Geelong Osteopaths – David Birley

Go here if you have an injury/niggle anywhere in your body due to possible muscle imbalances, structural issues (back/pelvis etc.). Dave will think outside the box about the root cause of your pain/discomfort.

Pro Feet Podiatry – Shane Davis

Go here if you have an injury/niggle in your feet/ankle/calf. Also good if you are about to start extra running volume. Shane & his crew will evaluate your work shoes, running technique & aim to keep you running as much as possible.

The Injury Clinic – Laura Anderson

The “go to” physios for runners and triathletes in Geelong. Laura prescribes gym based rehabilitation & strength programs.

Myotherapy – Monique Booth at LaTrobe Health

Monique will not only give your body a good tune up and relax your muscles but will focus on & treat inflamed/sore muscles.

Sport Nutrition – Alison Patterson

Book an appointment to see Ali to discuss your day to day nutrition, training nutrition and to get a specific plan for a marathon, half or full distance triathlon race.

The Performance & Sports Psychology Clinic – Dane Barclay

Dane can assist you to deal with stress/anxiety and improve your performance & mental health.

Sport Medicine – Jacquie Johnson

If you are unwell or injured and need a more holistic approach to your health & sport make an appointment to see Jacquie.

Geelong Chiropractic – Kyle Keenan

Visit Kyle at Latrobe Health Centre to get your back & alignment checked.


If you have any questions regarding GPC’s support team, please contact your coach.

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