What Being Coached Means

Being coached means you get looked after, nurtured, guided and you put your trust and faith into a professional. But it also means avoiding mistakes.

A lot of them happen when the end of the season has arrived and some of our coached athletes drop off individual program. This is a big mistake in my eyes.
I cannot help myself being frustrated when I see our coached athletes posting on social media what they have been doing (or not doing) on their recovery time.
I can’t help myself but swear and cringe in front of my computer. We get our coached athletes to a great point of fitness and to some big improvements, then they muck it all up!
I get upset because I care and I have a burning passion for coaching and for triathlon. This is why you should stay on program all year round and it has nothing to do with control and assuring the money keeps coming in:
  1. We make sure you recover after a long season
  2. We make sure you don’t keep racing
  3. We make sure you do active recovery for a while
  4. We make sure you don’t do too much or too little
  5. We make sure you unplug from triathlon
  6. We keep looking after you
  7. We keep writing a personalised program so you don’t have to think about it
  8. We make sure you understand the build and the structure of our program
  9. We make sure that you are in for the long haul
  10. We make sure you don’t lose the passion and the motivation in winter weather
Every season should start with recovery. It will be a week to three of passive or active recovery, depending on your age and your mental &/or physical state after the season. Then it has to be followed by an endurance phase, then strength phase, then tempo and racing phase and lastly the intensity and the sharpening before the season. If you want to know more about this contact me
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