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Why running cadence is important for Triathlon and Marathon

If you’ve ever been to a running session or coached by Head Coach Steph you’ll know his famous catch cry “cadence”.

As much as we all love to laugh at this, it is proven that a higher running cadence means a greater running efficiency.

Most athletes at GPC are training for triathlon or longer distance running events where running efficiency is of the utmost importance. The less fatigue you feel, the faster you will run.

You are aiming for a stride frequency of 90 for one leg or 180 for two legs per minute.

To measure cadence you can use a metronome such as the Finis Tempo Trainer (aimed for swimming but can be used for anything) or as mentioned in the article count your strikes for 20secs on one or two legs and multiply by three.

I prescribe high cadence efforts to my athletes to assist in developing a more front foot landing position and slight forward lean. Most beginner or intermediate runners will greatly benefit from increasing their running cadence. Typically they have longer strides resulting in heel striking and over striding. Not only will this slow you down, but will also increase risk of injury.

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