How is your training going? With spring around the corner, the motivation should be on the way up! Time to put a race calendar together. How do I do this? Pick a main goal race about 3 months away and pick a race each fortnight that you will do as part as your training. Those races have to be between 5 and 15kms. Any longer and you increase the risk of getting sick and getting injured.

For long distance races such as an Ironman the focus can remain on getting the volume in during training. But why race then? To practice race rhythm and condition, to practice hydrating and nutrition under pressure and for fun and motivation. Racing also gives you an indication of how your preparation for the main event is going and if you need to make some slight alterations to your last stages of preparation/taper.

Some people cannot push themselves in training and need to race to get to the next level. Over racing is not good either and can affect performance, recovery and motivation due to constant need to recover extra from the increased intensity. If you do not recover properly from a race, that is when you expose yourself way more to injuries and viruses. A good way to recover from racing is to use Cabot Health Glutamine powder.

Have a chat to your coach about choosing races that are appropriate to preparing the best for your goal race.