At Geelong Performance Coaching we understand that all athletes are individuals. Whilst they may have similar goals, all athletes have their own strengths and weaknesses, outside commitments (such as work and family) and their own level of prior experience.

It is for this reason that we are NOT a one sized fits all coaching model. Whilst that would make it easy for the coach it simply would not get results, and we are all about getting our athletes safely to their goal(s) as fit and healthy as possible.

Although our programs are individual, GPC does offer athletes the opportunity to participate in group training sessions. These are important sessions and highly recommended. Being involved in a group session, allows the athlete to push themselves harder than they typically would on their own.

It is a safer way to train (especially riding) and the social side of it is fantastic. Long sessions on your own can be a real mental challenge, so mixing in some scheduled group sessions is a great way to train!


  • Triathlon Coaching from development to advanced
  • Open Water specific swim squad
  • Individual sport coaching for swimming, road or mountain biking, running or trail running and paddling

No matter what you train for there is an option that will suit your budget and commitments. Check out the pricing page for more information.


Learn a little more about each of our coaching staff members


Athletes that have never had a coach or are returning to being coached after a long break, often have lots of questions.

Some of your questions may be addressed here, if not please contact us for further information or complete the triathlon training questionnaire.

All coaching fees for programs, casual group sessions or training camps paid are non-refundable.


This is a fantastic way to surround yourself with like-minded people, train hard and boost your training performance and results in a short timeframe.

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