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Pro4Mance Nutrition


Pro4mance manufactures world-class products, which are simple to use, taste great and are developed to complete each other before, during and after endurance sports. We are 100% Australian owned and made.

Pro4mance products have been scientifically formulated based on the most current sports nutrition research to deliver simple to use products that provide maximum nutrition. Our products have been developed to be combined with each other and provide all the necessary nutrients for before, during and after exercise. Pro4mance also offers individualised nutrition plans for athletes to optimise their performance.

Visit their website for more information.

Cabot Health


Cabot Health is an Aussie owned and operated supplement company, well known for their high quality liver formulas, vitamin supplements and health information.

They were the first company in Australia to launch a FREE naturopathic health advisory service.

Their products are high quality:

  • Their magnesium powders do not contain cheap forms of magnesium, like many other brands.
  • Their protein powders, meal replacements and protein bars do not contain gluten and artificial sweeteners.
  • Their entire product range is Gluten Free and coeliac friendly.

Cabot Health know that ‘Your Health is your greatest asset’

They don’t believe in compromise!

Check out their website or call 1800 151 052

Project Clothing


Australian owned, PROJECT clothing offers extensive retail and sporting experience having successfully delivered technical clothing to local and national sporting teams and athletes. We know you can’t move your game just because you don’t have your gear – so we work with you on lead times and delivery dates.

Project Clothing believe:

  • Experience Counts
  • Technical Teamwear
  • Personal Service
  • Responsive Delivery
  • Innovation
  • Simple Ordering
  • Continued Support

Visit their website for more information.

Volare Wetsuits


Volare Sports produces cutting edge triathlon wetsuits, shipped directly to your door.
No more paying for marketing hype, athletes you don’t know and questionable swim technology that you don’t need.

Volare is based in Australia and is an international design collaboration with offices in the UK & USA. The suits are manufactured in the same world-class facilities as the major brands.

Volare suits are exclusively constructed from Yamamoto® neoprene, who have been producing the worlds fastest and most flexible neoprene since 1961.

Visit Volare Sports for more information or to order email Anthony.

Geelong Osteopaths - Newtown


In practice for over 16 years, David & Kate began an Osteopathic clinic & Pilates rehab studio in Tauranga, New Zealand 14 years ago.

On moving back to Australia 9 years ago, with their young family, they set up clinic again from scratch, determined to have better work-life balance!!

As nationally accredited health care providers, we’re not legally allowed to have testimonials (we’d have a few!!) however, we can tell you that over 85% of our new clients come from word of mouth (we measure it!)

Having seen over 5000 clients, including national and world championship level athletes, we think we understand what people need, and how best to provide a solution for them.

In addition to Masters degree Osteopathic qualifications, we also have post grad Pilates and GEMT dry needling training, and do extensive yearly courses on the newest methods of functional movement assessment & treatment including SFMA, NKT and P-DTR.

As a result, we’re often able to accurately identify the underlying REASON why people become sore, and piece together a solution that sometimes involves other practitioners, to help people get the most optimal treatment outcome possible in the shortest time.

We’re Health Insurance, Workcover & TAC approved treatment providers, and are glad to be associated with GPC Squad.

Visit the Geelong Osteopaths website for more information and to book an appointment online.

Profeet Podiatry


We love helping people to be active, healthy and happy…!

ProFeet Podiatry was born and continues to grow from a passion to deliver caring, consistent and professional care to help people stay active, healthy and happy!

We are proud of our team values:

  • We live “customer service”
  • We love creating “wow” moments
  • We celebrate our wins
  • We are grateful for our patients, our referrers, our suppliers and our team!
  • We embrace responsibility and action!
  • We love growth and learning
  • We have fun!

We look forward to caring for you and others who love staying active!

If you want us to help you stay active, please give us a call or book your appointment online! We look forward to caring for you soon!
ProFeet Podiatry operate at both Bellarine Sport Medicine Centre & LaTrobe Health Centre.
Forage Cereals


Damian Kristof Naturopath | Nutritionist | Chiropractor, Creator of Forage Cereal

“I have sourced some of the highest quality ingredients with no added processed sugar, preservatives or any additives so that we all can start the day with a high protein, highly nutritious and delicious breakfast.”

The forage product range are all gluten free, sourced from premium quality ingredients, and packed full of natural intelligence.

For more information regarding their products and recipes click here.

Bicycle Centre Belmont


Drop in and visit Shane, Tania and the friendly Bicycle Centre team to check out the latest range of bikes from top international brands such as BMC, Merida, Norco, Lapierre & Wethepeople, just to name a few!

We provide an extensive range of bikes, accessories and services for all different levels of riding, ranging from new riders to professional cyclists. We have something for everyone.

Whether you are a beginner, a commuter, a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, Bicycle Centre Belmont will be riding beside you, helping you achieve your ultimate cycling goals.

We pride ourselves in offering you the best products, service and advice and our after sales service is second to none.

If you are shopping for quality bikes, the latest in bicycle parts and accessories or searching for the best clothing and sports nutrition, pay us a visit… we have everything to get you riding!

Head into the store or check out their website.

Suplest Cycling Shoes


We are probably the smallest premium cycling shoe company in the world, with the dedication to make outstanding performance cycling shoes. We do nothing but shoes. We strive to make shoes which are comfortable and perform well at the same time.

As the shoes are the direct connection to the bike, it’s essential that your footwear fits you well and it should look attractive too! To achieve this we only chose the best materials and technically minded partners to receive the best product.

Check out their website here for more information.

Sports Media and Entertainment 360


Sports Media and Entertainment 360 (SME 360) were established in November 2015. Our aim is to create a renowned Sports marketing, events management and media company incorporating the unparalleled knowledge that my partners and I have gained from over 30 years’ experience in the industry.

We are proud to be an Australian company with plans to initially focus on the Asia Pacific region.

Our strength comes from our integrity, friendliness, professionalism, industry expertise and knowledge.

SME360 has raised significant funding to ensure our future growth and expansion plans are achieved. Our first two acquisitions have just been completed. SME360 now owns the mass participation business, Supersprint and also the Great Australian Swim Series. These initial acquisitions have provided us with a highly talented and energetic team.

We have very ambitious plans and other acquisitions in the pipeline. We look forward to becoming a significant force within the industry.

Check out their events here.

The Injury Clinic Physiotherapy


Clinicians at The Injury Clinic Physiotherapy Geelong will work with you to ensure an understanding of your current injury and develop a management plan aimed at getting you back to the things you enjoy as soon as possible.

Our Physiotherapists combine clinical expertise with current research evidence to provide you with the best possible outcome.
Physiotherapist Laura Anderson specialises in running biomechanics and performance.

La Trobe Health Centre


Latrobe Health Centre cover a variety of different services including chiropractic, dietetics, podiatry, myotherapy, Chinese acupuncture & medicine, laser therapy & remedial massage. GPC partners ProFeet Podiatry and myotherapist Monique Booth both operate out of this centre and do a great job managing our athletes and their injuries.

Recovery Pump


Thinking about buying a pneumatic(air) compression boot system to help with your training and recovery?  Confused about what the differences are between competing brands?

Let us demystify the process and give you a few key attributes to look for when comparing brands including: Sequence, Pressure, Boot Design, Portability, Price & Warranty, Rx Requirements and Durability.

RecoveryPump has been in the compression therapy business for decades. We have evaluated every pump made in the world, have been dealers for many of those products we tested and currently are distributors in the medical field for several manufacturers. It is this experience that has helped us select the very best compression device to meet the needs of athletes and their active lifestyle.

Alison Patterson


Ali is an Advanced Sports Dietitian with years of experience helping some of the country’s top athletes achieve their goals.

My passion lies in working with individuals chasing their own unique goal – whether that’s a race PB, feeling stronger and fitter in training, starting an event feeling confident, knowing what to eat and drink during a 100km run, or ‘just finishing’.  Whatever your goal, I can help you achieve it.

I’ve completed endurance events and I know what flavour fatigue feels like, I know how hard gels can be to get down, I know what it’s like to worry about gut upset, I know how hard it is to chew an energy bar and breathe at the same time, I know how great caffeine can be – I’ll happily share my knowledge and solutions but also look at all the options and discover what works best for you.

Most of the time, once we get started we’ll discover that you’re already on the right track and we just need to make some tweaks to help you reach your goals. I’ll work with your personal and dietary preferences and make sure that the plan we come up with is sustainable for long-term success.

No fancy jargon or marketing spin. Just credible and ethical advice from someone who gets just as inspired and excited about your achievements as you do!

Qualifications & Accreditation:

  • Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Hons)
  • IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition (with Distinction)
  • Advanced Sports Dietitian, Sports Dietitians Australia
  • Level 2 ISAK Accredited Anthropometrist
  • Australian Institute of Sport Gatorade Fellow 2010-2012

Book a consultation with Ali online or for more info check out her website.

Performance Sports Psychology Clinic


At The Performance and Sport Psychology Clinic, we are passionate about high performance and we work in it daily. We know that with the right support your goals can be achieved.

In chasing their own success, our athletes compete in some of the most demanding tours, the biggest stages and in the highest pressure moments of their lives.

Contact them here to book an appointment.

TLR Wheels


At TLR performance, we take pride in providing quality wheels at an affordable price. We make our obsession to produce one of the best quality price carbon wheel on the Australian market.

Check out their Facebook page or even order a rental set online to test before buying the real deal.

Info Express - Marketing Automation


At Info Express we demystify the challenges that most businesses face in getting more traffic to their website & importantly, CONVERTING that traffic to new business.
We specialise in Facebook and google advertising, providing you with a fool-proof measurable way of generating an unlimited supply of leads for your business, all on autopilot.
We test and measure to accurately “retarget” visitors to your site with specific ad campaigns, almost like we’re “reading their minds”…


At Saucony, we exist for runners. Runners inspire us, bring us new ideas, force us to be better. They drive our design and engineering. They keep us competitive. They keep us hungry. They keep us honest. Whether it’s in a conference room or out on a lunchtime run, we’re constantly talking about and arguing about our sport, runners and the products that fuel them. We love our products and we run in everything we make. This focus and passion fuels us as we strive to create the best running shoes and apparel on the planet. We leave work each day knowing we’ve done everything to make runners’ lives just a little bit better. At Saucony, a good day is when we get to run. A great day is when we inspire someone else to run. Check out their web site here and buy in store at the Running Company Geelong.

Adidas Eyewear


The ultimate sports eyewear Adidas Eyewear products are developed to meet the needs of various sports. Our product design engineers work closely with top athletes to develop our products.

This achieves optimal results for Adidas Eyewear which combines next-generation technology and lens innovation to create a personalised fit with sports-targeted technology. adidas eyewear is, therefore, not just another pair of sunglasses, but an essential part of sports equipment that supports an improved performance.

Visit Adidas Eyewear for more information. Contact your coach or select the links for an order form and product list to receive GPC discounted prices.

Bellarine Sports Medicine Centre


At Bellarine Sports Medicine Centre, we love keeping you active, healthy and happy.
We love it so much that everything we do comes back to “Our Why”.
We passionately believe that keeping active keeps us healthy, and that in turn keeping healthy keeps us happy.
For us it isn’t just about fixing a particular pain you might be having – we like to think bigger picture and want to see you achieve your active goals.
And we love hearing about stories of your success, at whatever activity level you might be at – whether that be completing a marathon, returning for the big game on the weekend, or even simply taking the dog for a walk.

Bellarine Sports Medicine Centre was born and continues to grow from a desire to deliver caring, consistent and professional care to help people stay active.

We are proud of our team values:

  • We live caring customer service
  • We love creating “wow” moments #wow
  • We celebrate our wins
  • We have gratitude for our patients and our team
  • We embrace responsibility and action!
  • We love growth and learning
  • We embrace progression and innovation

We are grateful for word of mouth referrals… we look forward to caring for you or someone who would benefit from what we do!

Book an appointment now. Bellarine Sports Medicine Centre proudly use ProFeet Podiatry as their preferred podiatrists.

Sufferfest Triathlon


Event organisers XOSIZE Events have launched the Australian Sufferfest Championships. They have put together a fantastic line up of races that are arguably some of the toughest courses on the Australian Triathlon Circuit.

Athletes will race individual races to earn themselves the title of Sufferfest Champion, along with earning themselves a spot to race in the Australian Sufferfest Championship Race to claim the ultimate title! Our range of races include:

Warrnambool Sufferfest Multisport Festival
?Rottnest Island Multisport Festival
Mornington Sufferfest Multisport Festival
Phillip Island Multisport Festival

GPC is proudly supporting these events, particularly Warrnambool Sufferfest. More information can be found on each individual race’s website using the links above.

PB Events


PB Events is a boutique sports event management company committed to developing high quality, well organised, safe and enjoyable mass participation events, at an affordable prices, in and around the Geelong region.

Quality Events – The number one priority of PB Events is to provide maticulously organised events that allow participants to enjoy the fun and friendly atmosphere, being assured that the event will be seamless and safe.

Great Value for money – Our emphasis is on providing the highest quality events at a price that is affordable to as many people as possible. Therefore, enabling us to reach one of our goals of reducing the number of people using the excuse of “its too expensive, I can’t afford it” Although our event are consistently well below the average entry fee for similar event, we do not skimp on the quality of the experience participant receive on race day.

Giving back to the community – All PB Events use local community groups and sporting organisations to supply the majority of the event staff. In turn we give generous donations to these groups to help them continue to survive.

Bellarine Sunset Run


It was proven in 2016 that we’ve found the perfect way to combine some of life’s loves. Many couples ventured to the Bellarine Peninsula to spend a Valentines weekend running, eating, drinking, smiling and laughing with friends and love ones.

On February 11th 2017 you have the opportunity to run the 2nd Flying Brick Bellarine Sunset Run and discover some of life’s ingredients to happiness. In 2016 it sold out with 700 entries, in 2017 we are expecting over 1000 to do the same plus our new addition the “Walk 4 head space” raising money for Bellarine Community Health Youth Services so make sure you get in quick and don’t miss out!

The Flying Brick Bellarine Sunset Run is an officially timed event. Run result information will be available online for participants to download post event.

For more info please check out their web site.

Run Forrest


Run Forrest is a 100% trail run in the beautiful Otways. There is a 21km & 10km hilly course designed to test your skills & stamina. A great little race village supplies some yummy treats post run & it usually coincides with the town’s soup festival. A great race on the Labour Day long weekend.

For more info check out their website.

Wreck To Reef


The Wreck2Reef Open Water Swim Classic is brought to you every year by the efforts of the Indented Head Yacht Club. The aim was to provide an event that would showcase The Northern Bellarine and its Businesses and through doing so, raise much needed funds to support healthy activities for the youth of the local area.

There is a junior 300m, novice 500m and 1.2km open water swim in the relatively calm waters of Port Phillip Bay.

For more info please check out their website.

York Home Loans


At York Home Loans we will fight ‘tooth and nail’ to find the most appropriate solution and get you to settlement on time every time.

When Director Scott Vallance formed York Home Loans he leveraged a 20+ year international banking career where he’d specialised in Home Loans and Consumer Finance.

With a passion and commitment to client service and quality he will ensure your home loan is managed end to end with a ‘no fuss, no surprise’ promise.

MiPlan - Geelong Life Insurance


Life’s journey is full of changes, both planned and unplanned. Purchasing a home, raising a family, career changes, retirement and unexpected injury or illness are just a few of the major life events that have a significant financial impact.

miPlan’s mission is to help all our clients plan a better future. The information provided here is one way we’re delivering on that promise. We hope you find it valuable and look forward to discussing how else we might be of service.


The Running Company – Geelong was opened by current owner, Scott Nicholas in September of 2010. Scott aimed to service the runners of Geelong by providing a “hub” for the running community to visit for group runs, footwear, training advice, nutrition and accessories. Basically, The Running Company Geelong would be a spot to talk running with runners! Over the past 5 years the store has employed over 20 local community members ranging from podiatrists, physiotherapists right through to elite athletes. The one thing in common with all staff is their passion for running and footwear.

Age Group Triathlon Magazine


At York Home Loans we will fight ‘tooth and nail’ to find the most appropriate solution and get you to settlement on time every time.

When Director Scott Vallance formed York Home Loans he leveraged a 20+ year international banking career where he’d specialised in Home Loans and Consumer Finance.

With a passion and commitment to client service and quality he will ensure your home loan is managed end to end with a ‘no fuss, no surprise’ promise.

Training Peaks


At TrainingPeaks, we believe there is a right way to train for an endurance event.

It starts with having a clear goal, finding expert instruction, performing structured training and receiving immediate feedback throughout the process.

Our eco-system of web, mobile and desktop products will help guide you on your journey. Results start here.