The GPC Swim Squad is open to swimmers of all abilities and not exclusive to coached athletes. Swim squads have been proven to improve swimmers technique, efficiency, strength and fitness in a fun and supportive environment. The key to the success of swimming squad is the consistency and frequency of the sessions.

We utilise the brilliant facilities at Leisure Link. Lanes are dedicated according to ability and training goal. eg: the long course athletes in different lanes to the short course. This enables us to ensure that everyone gets the correct program for their goal. We do NOT use the “one size fits all” approach.


  • Swim Stronger


  • Swim Faster


  • Improve Technique


  • Video Analysis


  • Swim Confidently


Whether you’re a triathlete, cyclist or runner; swimming has been proven to improve your cardio fitness and core strength and the benefits can be seen outside the pool. Many triathletes comment that they feel “fitter” when in regular swim training and that it helps their run fitness.


No Swim license, membership or club needed. Just pay for your swims as you need them at entry.



Take our swim squad program for a test drive. We’ll not only give you a 2 week program for free, during these two weeks you can also come to one of our Geelong based and/or ocean swim squad sessions on the house as well!

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    Training with Steph makes you feel like all things are one day possible!

    Geelong Swimming testimonial

    I want to thank Steph for his infectious enthusiasm that just makes you want to be involved, even if it means hard efforts with a band around your ankles at 6am!?Whether its to improve your body position, catch or strength, Steph guides you through which swim aids and drills will be the best for you to improve or correct your technique to make your swim stroke more efficient.

    And yes swimming with tennis balls in your hands is one of this favs to throw at me at the moment! ?Swimming with the squad is great and Steph continually gives feedback and encouragement throughout the entire session.

    Even if all I might be able to hear during a time trial is ‘kee sh an ly min PUSH’, I know a high 5 and a big ‘WELL DONE’ from him after finally getting under the 7mins mark was all worth it!?Training with Steph makes you feel like all things are one day possible!

    Renee Nixon

    I strongly recommend coming and doing his classes…

    Well what can I say, Stephane is a great swim coach and really cares about his students. No matter if you are the best, fastest swimmer, or someone like me who was never taught how to swim properly as a kid and who has now taken up swimming at an older age, Steph takes the time to show you the correct techniques and the encouragement you receive from him is great appreciated from me.

    Steph assists an individual and tries to understand their problem and then helps them accordingly. I strongly recommend coming and doing his classes. I have been coming off and on over the last for the last one and a half years and have enjoyed every moment of my training even when after a tough but awarding session I’m nearly fall asleep at my desk at work, I look back and say yeah I am improving. Thanks Steph.

    Linda Gasparini