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This is a fantastic way to surround yourself with like-minded people, train hard and boost your training performance and results in a short time frame. In a supportive environment athletes have the opportunity to challenge themselves, improve their skills and technique and receive expert feedback along the way.

These camps are a key component in the lead up to the athlete’s goal race, and often provide the athlete with their biggest block of training without the usual interruptions of work and other commitments. It’s a sneak peak of what professional athletes experience and how they prepare for their races. Camps have a general triathlon focus, but can be adapted to suit a specific sport & your current goals/fitness.

Coaching on camp: Coaches will always be there to support the main group of athletes & cannot always support individuals during the session. Triathlon Australia’s policy is to ensure there is one coach for every 10 athletes. We will supply route maps, and if you are dropped by the group or lose contact, continue with your session on your own as prescribed. Unless there is an emergency in which case please follow appropriate action & contact your coach if required.

If you would like any further information regarding these camps please contact us for further information.

Autumn Training Camp

A great cost-effective training camp, on Queen’s Birthday weekend (9-12th June), based on strength-endurance & fun.

After your end of season break, training will be long and easy to build a strong base required for the long summer of racing. Cabin accommodation means bonding time with your team mates and loads of fun. For further information on our Autumn training camp, please contact Stephane here:

Winter Training Camp

Another cost-effective training camp in Halls Gap, The Grampians. A longer camp from 7-15th July, will focus on strength-endurance to prepare athletes for their specific bock of training before the summer season.

For further information on our winter training camp, please contact Stephane here:

Spring Training Camp

This camp utilises the time off over the Grand Final weekend from 29th Sep – 2nd Oct. It is based on race efforts, strength-endurance & fun.

Right before the season, get in some last big kilometres with some tempo efforts and team time trials to build speed before commencing the summer racing season.

For further information on our Spring training camp, please contact Stephane here:

Summer Training Camp

In Victoria’s high country- Falls Creek is the perfect location to get in some solid training. This is a camp for keen and established athletes.

Sleep and train in altitude (1650m) to improve your aerobic training base, fitness & strength-endurance with mountainous rides and runs. Although the conditions are tough on your body, your red blood cell levels will increase resulting in improved performance when you return to sea level.

This camp is a must if you are training for Ironman, Challenge Melbourne or 70.3 races from February onwards. Camp is for up to 14 nights beginning 28th Dec – 11th Jan.

For further information on our Summer training camp, please contact Stephane here:


Details to be confirmed. Price will include shared accommodation, training sessions. Athletes will end the camp with the Bali International Triathlon. Flights, race entry & food not included in price & to be organised by each individual athlete.

Check out videos from our Three Peaks Ride in 2015/2016 Camp and one of the many spectacular long runs here.