I started running 34 years ago. I have changed my technique and pretty much tried everything along the way.

Here is a few tricks to run better:

Run on empty stomach (start with 30min and go up to 2h)
Run am & pm (start with 20min and go up to 90min)
Pick two key sessions per week & nail them. The rest is easy
Mix up surfaces you run on
Vary where you run to avoid getting bored
Do hill reps accelerating the pace with recovery downhill
Run easy on hills
Focus on form and on landing properly
Cadence above 170 steps per min
Don’t run on low energy as you will get injured
Have two runners to train in & swap them around
Choose stability over weight with shoes
Have a lighter pair of shoes for races & track work
Always carry a gel with you in case you bonk or work out quality will dissapear
Do recovery runs on the grass or on the soft surface
Skip running for cycling, aqua jogging or eleptical if too sore to run
Get a weekly massage
Use foam roller and cricket ball
Use protein & carbs as a way to help & promote recovery
Carbs is main fuel while training & racing
Don’t diet, just eat clean
If injured, it is not the end of the world, swim, ride & do aqua jogging
Have a good network of therapist around you
Hope this helps and enjoy training 🙂