With Cairns IM coming up, this is a good blog to read. There is a few tricks to manage fatigue, recovery and to not get sick.
Cairns is only a 4h flight for Victorians so sleeping is not a huge component here but when you travel overseas, missing a full night sleep can have drastic consequences on your body, recovery and immune system. Taking Melatonin will help find sleep and this is a natural product, not a heavy drug. Taking Aspirin and Panadol before flying is helpful too. Aspirin to fight against blood cloths and Panadol to fight against viruses. Putting on compression socks or leggings will also be helpful to avoid swelling and help recovery. Most importantly, move and stretch a lot while flying and eat + drink clean. No heavy foods, caffeine or alcohol is the best way to fly. Train and fly safe 🙂