Each year we introduce MTB or gravel bike rides in winter & each year it is not very popular which I never understand.
MTB or gravel bike riding is more fun, better cardio, better for skills, safer & warmer.
It is heaps of fun riding on trails, the hills provide natural cardio, the trails help you improve skills, technique & balance on the bike, there are no cars & no abuse in the nature & in the forest, at lower speed then road, it feels heaps warmer & protected.
For me the forest is very peaceful, meditative & beautiful. MTB does not always mean steep downhills, rocks & technical stuff. You can find some nice gravel roads or flowy trails to ride on.
Trails are like meditation for me. Here are my tips to relax, heal & get full benefit from it
  1. Be present, grateful & mindful
  2. Switch off technology
  3. Become one with nature & observe wild life
  4. Let go of control, fear & bad thoughts
  5. Laugh, talk, share & fully breathe in the fresh air
Sport can bring in so much benefits but I think that being in the nature increases those benefits. Give it a try & you can also rent a bike from your local bike shop to try before you buy. You can contact our local dealer info@bicyclecentrebelmont.com.au