Thanks for the continued level of awesome coaching.

I know that as an ageing, injury-prone triathlete who came to the sport late in life and who struggles with weight-control I have posed you a number of challenges. However you have risen admirably to the numerous issues I have had to get me across more triathlon finishing lines than I would ever have thought possible.

While we’ve still to crack that IM distance I’m sure that with your professional attitude to management of my program, motivation, kit advice, nutrition, race-planning, techniques in all three disciplines not to mention your dedicated approach to communication by phone, email, or social media, I’m sure we will get there.

In short you are a consumate professional who offers a complete coaching service that stands comparison against any of the others. I wholeheartedly endorse your services and would commend you and your team to anyone looking for triathlon coaching that is second to none!

George Acheson-Thom