I took up running 15 months ago mainly for enjoyment and to keep fit. After competing in local fun runs and the Geelong Cross Country Club I found that I wanted to take my running to another level. I called on Stephane from Geelong Performance Coaching to coach me after I had heard about his service and how thorough it was. Also the fact that he is world class in his chosen sport was an enticing factor.

Everything about my running has improved and gone to a higher level than I expected since employing Steph’s services. Steph has changed my running technique so it is far more efficient and I can now run faster for longer. He has taught me how to train properly and he has given me plenty of advice on nutrition and other important running factors.

Steph writes my weekly running training programs with set goals in mind and can cater for a key event you are aiming to reach. The weekly programs are scheduled to work around my work and family life which is great.

Steph is very clear and concise with his communication and he is always available for advice. My program is always full of variety and very enjoyable with a sense of achievement when a program is completed at the end of the week.

My whole experience with Geelong Performance Coaching has been very rewarding and a great learning experience. I would highly recommend Stephane’s coaching tuition to anyone who wants to improve their running and most importantly continue to enjoy it.

James Dalton