I thought it was only fair that I share with you my thoughts and progress on the GPC programs to date. I have been a member now for just under 12 months ago.

I initially signed up to;

A. Improve Fitness
B. Run a marathon in under 3:30
C. Stay injury free

It’s without doubt I can say I have achieved all 3. More pleasingly though is the fact by how much my results have improved. Beyond my initial expectation. If someone had told me in October 2015 last year that GPC can get you to;

  1. Run a 3:30 Marathon along the Great Ocean Road
  2. Run 10km in under 40mins
  3. Run 21.1 k in 1:24 @ 3:58 min/k
  4. Have you on track for a 3hr Melbourne Marathon 2017

I would have said, pffft.. You’re dreaming !!!!… GPC have set targets I personally would not have set for myself at times quite optimistic however GPC had the confidence in their programs to get me there. To that I am impressed and thankful.
Training is always fun and enjoyable yet no doubt tough at the same time. Training with a group of athletes who all have optimistic goals certainly drives and motivates.
The GPC crew have been inviting from day one and has a fantastic crew of coaches and athletes from all ranges.

I look forward to seeing where the next 6-12 months takes my fitness and setting new goals post Melbourne Marathon. I would highly recommend the GPC club if you’re looking for training club to have fun and more importantly improve.

David (Kevi) Bartlett