Stephane, doesn’t just coach you, he needs to know you and understand what it takes to get you to your end goal?. Steph, shares not only his wealth of experience, but also his passion and commitment to see you succeed?. Steph has a habit to bringing about the unexpected?.

Steph coaching is based on a partnership and expects constant two way communication to bring out the best?. A coach can set an awesome program, but it’s when the coach understands you and works closely with you results exceed your wildest dreams, thanks Steph.

Two and half years ago I did my first triathlon. Without any firm ambition in mind other than to do the best with what I had, Stephane and I ended up at the World Championships and we took home the gold hardware. He brought out the best in me, whilst your programs are awesome, it was your passion to see me (and see others) succeed that took my ability to a whole new level.

Steph, your programs are awesome, but it was your passion to see me succeed that made the difference in realising my full potential.

Michael Ryle