I want to thank Steph for his infectious enthusiasm that just makes you want to be involved, even if it means hard efforts with a band around your ankles at 6am!?Whether its to improve your body position, catch or strength, Steph guides you through which swim aids and drills will be the best for you to improve or correct your technique to make your swim stroke more efficient.

And yes swimming with tennis balls in your hands is one of this favs to throw at me at the moment! ?Swimming with the squad is great and Steph continually gives feedback and encouragement throughout the entire session.

Even if all I might be able to hear during a time trial is ‘kee sh an ly min PUSH’, I know a high 5 and a big ‘WELL DONE’ from him after finally getting under the 7mins mark was all worth it!?Training with Steph makes you feel like all things are one day possible!

Renee Nixon