It is important to learn how to ride in a bunch for the safety of yourself, other cyclists and motorists on the road. Check out the GPC Coach’s tips:

  1. If riding a TT bike, don’t stay in your bars (unless at the front of the bunch).
  2. Always keep your fingers on the brake. Don’t slam them on when riding in a group to avoid collisions from behind unless you absolutely have to.
  3. Don’t overlap wheels.
  4. Secure your drink bottles & repair kit.
  5. Be alert of what is happening ahead of you in the bunch and on the road.
  6. Point out and call obstacles on the road. If unsteady on the bike just yell them out.
  7. Don’t stop pedalling (unless you have to) and keep a consistent cadence and pedal softly if you need to slow down.
  8. Don’t ride more than two abreast.
  9. Signal early when turning corners and notify group.
  10. When rolling off the front of the pack, the outside rider should ride to the front and both rides recover easy on the inside. Make sure you call the group through to take your spot at the front.
  11. If you are not strong enough to ride at the front, move toward the front with your partner and roll off to the side. Be sure to communicate this with the bunch.
  12. Always carry adequate water, nutrition, ID, mobile phone and repair supplies.

Check out this article for tips when riding in the wind.