I tell my athletes that I have three different pairs of runners and they look at me strangely, often replying that they only have one pair. I have one pair for pure endurance, one for quality runs and one pair for racing only.

Why in my opinion is it wrong to have only one pair?

Because of the following reasons:
  1. The foam in your running shoe will need 24hrs to recover and return to its original state.
  2. Because each pair of runners will offer a different load and work on different muscles.
  3. Because a pair of racing shoes will not be stable enough for volume, and a pair of training shoes will be too bulky for racing.
  4. The WOW effect. I train in my ride 13 and when I put my Kinvarras on for my tempo or hard runs I feel like I am flying! It is the same for racing when I put my Endorphins on.
  5. So you can rotate them and make sure they are always fresh and ready for a run.
  6. To avoid injuries. If you have two different pairs of runners you have 50% greater likelihood of remaining injury free compared with only running in a pair not suited to you.
My runners set up:

Ride 13:
Recovery runs
Endurance runs

Kinvara 12:
Tempo run
Long & hard run
Track sessions

Endorphin Pro:
Transition sets
Fun runs

The right shoe for me will not be the right shoes for everyone. This is very individual.
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