32 Years of Bikes

Coach Steph has summarised his 32 years of bikes used for racing.

I started on a BMX when I was 6 and kept it until I was 10. Then I got an alloy road bike which slowly transitioned to carbon in the 1990s. I raced ITU draft legal formats as a pro on a road bike before swapping to a time trial (TT) bike for non-drafting and age group (AG) races. I’ve had plenty of mountain bikes (MTB) through the years but mainly for training on in the winter time. Being from Belgium where Cylocross (CX) is huge, I would love to someday try one of these types of bikes as well.

The following is a table listing all my race bikes and scoring them from 1 to 10 (best) in a few categories that I consider important for racing.


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