Why Your Bike Fit Is So Important

So you’ve just dropped $3000+ on a new bike. All this carbon, the aero bars, race wheels etc. are surely going to make you faster? Well they can, but only if you are comfortable enough & able to get into an aerodynamic position and stay there for an extended period of time.

An incorrect bike fit can cause discomfort, pain and niggles. Left untreated they can turn into a more debilitating long term injury. Any tightness through your back, hips, knees & ankles may be attributed to your bike fit.

If you have any structural or functional issues with your body please get a screening from your chosen medical practitioner such as an osteopath, exercise physiologist or physiotherapist prior to selecting a bike.

Steps to getting the right fit

  1. When choosing a bike, ensure the frame size is correct for your body. When purchasing from a bike shop they should take all the required measurements to get the correct frame size. When purchasing online or second hand, be sure to note any differences between brands.
  2. Get the bike shop to do a full fit for you. Ensure that you are comfortable riding at that position and it is suited to your goals & riding experience. GPC’s bike sponsor, Shane Hendrickson at Bicycle Centre Belmont provides this service.
  3. Take the bike for a test ride and note any unusual tightness or niggles. Make sure the ride is of decent length and you can get into your race position.
  4. Return to the bike shop or your coach to make any additional adjustments to your position to ensure optimal comfort and aerodynamic position.

Once you have the correct bike fit

Mark the seat post where your saddle is. There is a chance it might drop in transit. Ensure you bike cleats are changed when worn & pedals are not too loose or tight. Always mark where your cleats were on your shoes to ensure they go back in the same spot.
Get it reassessed every 6-12 months to account for changes in strength, flexibility and to suit your goals & experience. Get your bike serviced regularly.

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