Coaching – The GPC Philosophy

Good coaches are hard to find and especially coaches that are all on the same page and know the importance of communication and following up.

With Kate, Neil, Jonty and myself, we are a close unit and we all know the importance of communicating with our athletes. If you don’t communicate at least weekly with your coach, GPC won’t be for you and you may as well get a cheap online program. The key to success between athletes and coach is forming a team where honest communication will flow from both ways.

There is no point changing your program yourself, no point doing less or extra training, no point hiding a niggle or injury from your coach as it will usually end badly. A good coach is a friend, a mentor, someone you can talk to when you feel on top of the world or down from a bad day or a bad session or a bad race.

But a great coach is someone who will gently push you or slow you down. They will be there to guide you on how to improve without burning out or over train. They will guide you to improve your weaknesses and help you reach peak condition for your A race. They will also guide you through illness and injury.

It is also the network around the coach & team where athletes will greatly benefit. The coach will seek best possible advice and develop a relationship with external providers to help integrate your rehab program or suggestions into your triathlon or run program.

Good coaching is also changing an athlete’s program whether it be for illness, injury or a change in availability due to work or family.

This is what we offer at GPC. We have a great feedback form to help you communicate and remind you on important points that you might not think about. We also use training session comments and data analysis within Training Peaks to personalise our athlete’s programs.

Access our feedback form here. 

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