Selecting a Triathlon Wetsuit

For triathletes living in Victoria, or likely to race/train in water temperatures under 22 degrees a triathlon wetsuit is a must have equipment item.


  • Victorian water temperatures range from 14-22 degrees – it keeps you warm
  • Provides buoyancy in the water, similar to swimming with a pool buoy, and therefore improves body position and speed
  • Reduces drag (water friction) and therefore energy expenditure in the water

Selecting the Right Suit

  • Use the sizing chart including your height & weight. You need to have a snug fit but still have the ability to breathe when wearing it in the water. Suits will often feel a bit looser in the water, so it’s always good to try it in the water before purchasing.
  • Consider whether you want to preference buoyancy or flexibility. Usually a lower price suit will be more suited to beginner athletes who need buoyancy around the hips & upper legs. Higher priced suits will usually favour flexibility around the shoulders, arms and back.

Using your Wetsuit

  • Train in it as much as possible
  • Practice getting in & out of it quickly
  • Swim in a variety of conditions such as the bay, open surf beaches, fresh water lakes/rivers
  • Use lubrication to avoid chaffing particularly under your arms & your neck
  • Use gloves to get into your suit without damaging the neoprene material with your fingernails
  • Do faster paced swimming, efforts and extended threshold swims to get used to the feeling of swimming fast in your suit

Volare Sports

GPC is sponsored by Volare, a company producing cutting edge wetsuits shipped straight to you. Ask your coach for the special link to purchase your suit online. The suit will be shipped directly to your door. You try it on, test it in the pool & if it fits you pay for it & keep it. If it doesn’t fit you send it back & can try another size. This is a time efficient & easy way to choose a suit.

Volare products are designed in Australia and manufactured in the same world-class facility as the major brands. Volare wetsuits are exclusively constructed from Yamamoto® neoprene, who have produced the world’s fastest and most flexible neoprene since 1961.