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Do I need a wetsuit for a triathlon?

This is a common question from beginners. The thought of spending $200+ on a suit that they might use a few times can be daunting. And then comes the decision of which one to buy?

If you live in Victoria or southern Australia, like most GPC athletes you will most definitely get good use out of a wetsuit. The water conditions fluctuate between 14-20 degrees, so a very good option to keep you warm.

If you are a weaker swimmer, a wetsuit is like swimming with a pool buoy in the pool. You have extra buoyancy all over your body, enabling you to hold a higher body position with less effort. This reduces drag, reduces energy expenditure for a higher volume of kicking & increases speed.

GPC is sponsored by Volare, a company producing cutting edge wetsuits shipped straight to you. GPC athletes simply send their coach their height & weight and also budget & we will contact Volare for you. You will be shipped a suit directly to your door. You try it on, test it in the pool & if it fits you pay for it & keep it. If it doesn’t fit you send it back & can try another size. This is a time efficient & easy way to choose a suit.

When choosing the right suit for you. Consider the following:

  • Flexibility throughout the upper body- particularly shoulders
  • Buoyancy around the hips & upper legs
  • Size- allows you to breathe comfortably but not too loose to take on water

The next step is to make sure you train in the suit as much as possible. Practice getting in/out of it quickly. Swim in a variety of different areas such as bays, open beaches, surf etc. Aim to start swimming in your wetsuit at least 1-2 months prior to your goal race.

Volare products are designed in Australia and manufactured in the same world-class facility as the major brands. Volare wetsuits are exclusively constructed from Yamamoto┬« neoprene, who have produced the world’s fastest and most flexible neoprene since 1961.

Check out Volare’s website for more information.┬á

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