Insurance questions to strengthen your cover

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Not many like to read the fine print, so here are a couple of headline issues to review with your adviser.

Are you paying too much for life insurance?

  • You may have extra policies in super you are not aware of.
  • You may have insurance you can’t claim on because of other offsetting cover.
  • You may have cover that is more expensive than it needs to be.
  • Industry super cover used to be cheap as chips. Now it’s champagne.

What is covered? What is excluded?

  • Make sure your cover gives you the protection you need.
  • If you’re single with no debts then do you need life cover? What you might need is income and illness protection.
  • Check your policy has the modern illness definitions.
  • Recent evidence at the royal commission highlighted a claim declined based on 20 year old cancer treatment definitions.

Default insurance – “I’m ok there’s insurance in my super”.

  • These default schemes are an enormous money spinner for the life insurers.
  • Check the loadings. Some default schemes class everyone as blue collar and a smoker.
  • If you’re neither you could be on a cheaper premium.
  • Don’t get caught out by pre-existing medical conditions which may void your policy.

Do my insurances overlap?

  • Quite possibly.
  • If you’re crook and not at work, you can claim on your income cover, and if its critical illness then also your trauma cover.
  • The older you get its statistically more likely that illness rather than accident will be your downfall.
  • Spend your premiums wisely.

This is general advice only and does not factor in your particular personal circumstances.

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