It is hard to do! Over 25 years of competing in Triathlon and balancing it with work and family, I have developed five points for longevity.

Favour Regularity over Volume

Many people think I train my arse off. I don’t have the time to do that or do want to sacrifice the time that I would rather focus on my job and family. I run lots as it is time efficient. The key for me is to never stop. I take lots of mini breaks but try not to stop more than 3 days. My body is getting older and I find it very hard to kick into gear again when I stop for a longer period. I also find that muscle tone drops off quickly now, I put on weight quick & new niggles appear.

For me the key is to try to never miss training. Even a short 500m swim at Eastern Beach, a 20min cycling WT or a 15min run will pay off. They make a big difference in the long term as they keep your body moving and keep reminding your muscles what they are supposed to do. If I feel terrible, I drop the intensity but still do the distance. If I feel sick, I halve the volume and cancel the intensity but I still do something.┬áIf I’m injured, I do more of another sport instead of feeling miserable for myself.

Look After Your Body

Eat well, many greens & complex carbs and drink lots of water & green, black & ginger tea with lemon & honey. I also don’t drink alcohol and I make sure I put fuel back in my body straight after training for better recovery.

I also do a blood test every 4 months to check on all the essential blood levels. I then take vitamins to fix issues and maintain levels that will allow me to feel good perform and recover easier. It does not mean that you have to live like a monk but it means you have to learn to make the right food choices. I still reward myself once a week by eating anything I want to eat.

Little Things Matter

Those little percents you do before/during/after training will matter. I have lots of baths with Epsom salts, stretch and sleep with Compressport compression garments. I also try and sleep 8 hours per night. If I miss out on some sleep, then I have a power nap during the day. It is while you sleep that the body recovers the best & this is when men produce the most testosterone to assist with muscle recovery.

Reward Your Body

I get a massage weekly and if I miss one, I’m on the foam roll & I massage myself. This is very important for recovery and injury prevention. I see Dave the Geelong Osteopath for needling and adjustment. The key to an old/damage body like mine is to always stay in line. If anything is out of line, it means an injury for me but the key is to have my hips and lower back in line. If I’m out and train hard, then I’ll pull a muscle and/or get a tendonitis.

Get Your Technique Checked

Incorrect technique also means injury. Make sure you do stroke correction when you come to GAC Swim Squad, make sure you get a proper bike fit for Triathlon and I would also recommend to go to Shane Davis from ProFeet Podiatry to ensure that you are running in the right shoe for you. This will ensure that any angles needed correction while running, would be corrected by the shoes.

All of these are very important and will save you from injuries in the long term. It will also make you faster and more efficient. Technique is everything. This is why I often tell you off for the incorrect swim stroke, pedaling technique and/or incorrect running posture.

Core is also a big part of it. Some people are trying to convince me that they do not have the time to do two 15min core sessions a week.