One of the single biggest changes that I have made to my MTB skills over the past 12 months is learning how to get into the “attack position”.

This position allows you to approach any trail with the purpose of riding it with some flow as opposed to surviving it.

Below is an outline of how to achieve the “attack position”

  1. Keep weight through the pedals
  • Weight through your belly button and bottom bracket. Shift your hips back & forward to keep your feet heavy & hands light.
  1. Knees bent
  • Gives extra suspension and lowers your centre of gravity allowing you to adjust & move to the terrain
  1. Hips back, Torso Level
  • Hips back allows you to recruit more glutes and also shifts some weight back to prevent you going over the handlebars
  1. Shoulders Down
  • Lower shoulders allows for a greater range of movement for cornering, pumping, lifting your front wheel and jumping. Make sure you are not hunching over your handlebars. Keep your shoulder blades back so you can look ahead.
  1. Elbows Out
  • Aim for 90 degrees at elbow and at shoulder joint. This allows for a stronger position to push, pull, lean and generally corner.
  1. Head Up
  • Lifting your head allows you to look ahead up the trail for obstacles, corners etc. It also ensures you balance your weight and don’t put too much on the front wheel.

Mountain Bike

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Source- Mastering Mountain Bike Skills (2nd Edn.) Brian Lopes & Lee McCormack (2010).Purchase book here.