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Pool Running

Last week a few of my runners received a pool running set. I’m sure a few of them thought I was crazy, but there is some method in my madness.

When prescribing a running program to athletes it is important to include some cross training exercises and days where they are not “on their feet” whilst still improving their aerobic fitness. Pool running or aqua jogging is ideal as it activates the same muscles (when performed correctly) and is extremely low impact perfect to lower the risk of injury or to include as rehab for injured runners.

The session should be performed where you cannot touch the ground. Focus on a high cadence with upright posture & swing your arms like normal running. Drive your knee up and down (pushing with your heel).

As much as I find some of the sessions boring there are a few ways to spice it up. You can run with a friend and chat at the same time, change locations to open water in your wetsuit or in a pool with a floatation belt and include some higher intensity intervals.

I’ve had a few lower body injuries over the past few years and aqua jogging formed a major part of my rehabilitation. It works, after a few weeks of just aqua jogging (along with my usual training) I was still able to run some of my fastest times off the bike in major races.

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