There is a reason why many of GPC’s athletes perform well in their key races for the year- commitment and proper preparation.

As a coach it is our job to assist you by prescribing the best sessions and recovery to suit your race and lifestyle, however it is you as the athlete that needs to get out there and do the hard yards.

Over the past few seasons, my goal has been to compete at the Age Group World Championships. Whilst May & June provide me with a solid endurance base, the hard work begins in July with the aim of peaking in September. Three months of hard injury-free training will usually put you in the best possible position to achieve your goals.

My advice below is gathered from trial and error and what has worked for me over the past few years.

  • Be consistent. Attend and complete every prescribed session unless injured, unwell or there are extenuating circumstances. Communicate this with your coach and get back on track as soon as possible.
  • Target the key sessions of the week and make sure you have the correct equipment, nutrition, sleep and attitude to complete them as prescribed.
  • Identify your weaknesses via tech analysis or a chat with your coach and work hard to develop the correct motor patterns early in the prep. Efficiency is the key.
  • Hit the right intensity. I like to work with another athlete, or couple of athletes, in key sessions to help me monitor my pace and intensity and push new limits. It’s also good practice for race day.
  • Compete in local races in the lead up to the key event. I try and do as many as possible, as this assists with sorting out any equipment or nutrition glitches and helps adapt your body to race intensity. Also good recovery practice, as we usually don’t taper for events.

Good luck with your next big race. Know that if you do the hard work now, you will have the confidence to perform on race day 🙂