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Deciding to take up three sports at once is not only daunting, but can be expensive. Over the last few years I have learnt the hard way in managing my finances and still competing in the sport I love.

Get a coach

Yes they cost money, but in the long run a good coach will analyse your technique and give you a program designed to improve your performance and prevent injury. Therefore saving you money on medical or equipment costs if you get injured.

You will also be introduced to local athletes who are a wealth of knowledge on all things gear and racing. Your team or squad might also have sponsorship deals with local companies.

Buy the right gear

I’ve spent a lot of money buying lower quality gear for cheap prices, only to upgrade it a few months later.

Consider the following:

  • Favour quality over price
  • Ask if you can trial before you buy
  • Purchase ex rental gear or second hand gear. Just make sure you know it is good quality
  • Buy what suits your body & discipline of triathlon. You may not need the latest TT bike, or highest priced running shoe.
  • Purchase last season’s stock

Plan your race calendar

Sign up a few months in advance for a major goal race and you can get early bird prices.

Choose local races to supplement your training and prepare you for your goal race. Look up your local cycling, swimming or athletics club and see what events they have on offer. They may also have free or cheap sessions for you to join. The events they run are often cheaper than a large-scale triathlon and you also save on fuel & accommodation costs.

Make your own nutrition

Look up recipes online or in cookbooks to make your own protein bars or energy balls or gels. They are usually quite simple and just require a good food processor. Swap them with your training buddies for a bit of variety. The same applies to energy drinks.

Find an efficient and effective bike mechanic

You can do it yourself if you have the time and skills. If not ask around for the best bike mechanic in town and go there. A thorough bike service by a quality mechanic should not mean multiple trips back to the shop to fix “glitches” or purchase more parts. Many of the best bike mechanics operate out of their back yards or might be the smaller shop in town.