This schedule has been prepared by Stephane Vander Bruggen. This is based on over 27 years experience and may need to be modified for your race.

This is tailored to triathlon but can be adapted to individual sport events.

Timing What to do Focus Where Intake
-120mins Start Prep Final organisation of gear Home/ Accom Light breakfast or snack such as toast with honey or energy bar
-90mins Arrive at race site Location car park   Sip on light electrolyte drink
-80mins Prep equipment Double check wetsuit, all shoes, race number, tyre pressure, hydration, nutrition Registration  
-70mins Register Timing chip, numbers & stickers Registration Sip on water or electrolyte drink
-60mins Transition Check transition closing time. Rack bike & visualise entry/exit points Transition  
-40mins Run warm up Slow jog with short accelerating efforts On the course  
-30mins Wetsuit Put it on. Make sure your timing chip is on with correct swim cap. Lots of lube & suncream if needed Team tent or bag drop off

Gel with caffeine or gel + guarana/ caffeine tablet

+ a few sips of water

-20mins Swim warm up Slow swim with accelerating efforts & readjust wetsuit fit Swim start or close as possible  
-10mins Swim start practice Check start line, depth, buoys & exit points incl. 2-3 ins/outs Swim Start  
0mins Start line Get to the front, sight lots & go max Go max or go home