Applying Mindfulness For Your Performance

Mindfulness is currently one of the most evidence based skills in enhancing focus and emotional regulation. When combined with other psychological techniques such as exposure therapy, neural integration, and psycho-education, you can be armed with the skills to:

  • Show resilience under pressure
  • Shift your attention back on task
  • Be more value driven and less governed by unhelpful emotions
  • Perform more consistently

We pride ourselves on helping athletes and high performance professionals apply mindfulness to their day-to-day performance. Our methods and exercises will help you develop in the moment mindful awareness and psychological flexibility.

By increasing your understanding about the brain and learning how mindfulness helps you break behaviour patterns, you can fundamentally change how you relate to your emotions, reduce stress, and improve performance.

This is an article from PSPC – The Performance and Sport Psychology Clinic. Book an appointment with Dane Barclay. He listens, challenges your thoughts and gives you practical advice to apply to sport & general mental well being.