From World Champion to a Dad body in 3 months is easy to do for me.

I just decided to have a real break. I have gone pretty hard at it for the last 5 years. I have raced 16 ITU World Champs, 7 Ironmans, one marathon, one long distance duathlon and about 30 races per year. Put that on top of 34 years of triathlon and yes, I was pretty tired physically and mentally. I needed a real break, so after the Melbourne Marathon I decided to just keep the body moving for 30min every second day, as well as eat and drink whatever I wanted until 01- 01-2020. This resulted in going from 82 to 95kgs! After Melbourne Marathon, I was injured. But I don’t get injured! So this was another sign I needed a rest. I felt my left achilles go half way into the marathon. I have had a daily diet made of peanut M&M’s, croissant, bacon, all sorts of cheeses and chocolates. I also allowed myself to have a Belgian beer + a Pespi Max or two per day which is something I rarely do. I have had late nights, went to the movies heaps, got off social media and enjoyed a lot more time in my garden and with my wife and kids. I loved it but I could feel myself slowly getting bigger, unfit and unhealthy. It did not take long before I started puffing heavily going up stairs and feeling my belly and my bum jiggling when I was running. I have felt my sugar levels not being able to regulate itself well already as I have bonked a few times in a 30min runs after ingesting plenty of calories before running. I hate this, I hate seeing my body change and feeling unfit. I needed this break to focus on my family + to find the love back for training and racing again. There is nothing wrong with doing this when it is needed, but don’t do it for too long as this can be pretty bad for your physical & mental health. I will do a full blood check up next week and I expect my doctor to give me a kick up the ass, which will be much needed. I constantly tell myself + everyone else around me that it all starts back on 01-01-2020, so it keeps me accountable and motivated. I love the pressure I put on myself, as it helps me to achieve my goals so I will tell people what I want to do next. I have no fear of failing at all as long as I do my best. I have no issues looking stupid when I say I want to win a world championships and I don’t achieve it. Some people hate the pressure while I thrive on it. So what is next for me? I had a few goals since 2014. I wanted to finish Kona & Maui, I wanted to break 9h at IMWA, I wanted to be a World champ duathlon and triathlon and I achieved them all.
I want to become a Multisport Legend which is finishing 4 ITU World Champs in one week. I will be doing Sprint Dua, Aquathlon, Cross tri and IM in Almere in September 2020. My come back race will be Challenge Shepparton and I will be racing Melbourne 70.3 and IMWA too. I am looking forward to getting fit and lean again and cannot wait to race again. Tomorrow, I am running a 5kms fun run as a great way to finish the year. Let’s see if I can break 21min 🙂