GPC’s Geelong-based Support Network

GPC Squad are very proud of the network of practitioners and businesses we have connected with to support our athletes. Endurance athletes spend a lot of time and money on their training, but often neglect the one percenters like recovery, injury prevention & nutrition.

Within our personalised programs you have access to general strength & conditioning, core, stretching and nutrition advice. For a specialised approach we recommend seeing the experts. Below is a brief overview of GPC’s support network & how they can help you.

Click on the link to go to each practitioner’s web site & make a booking. Be sure to mention you are a GPC athlete when you book.

Geelong Osteopaths –┬áDavid Birley

Go here if you have an injury/niggle anywhere in your body due to possible muscle imbalances, structural issues (back/pelvis etc.). Dave will think outside the box about the root cause of your pain/discomfort.

Pro Feet Podiatry – Shane Davis & Rosie Sharp

Go here if you have an injury/niggle in your feet/ankle/calf. Also good if you are about to start extra running volume. Shane & his crew will evaluate your work shoes, running technique & aim to keep you running as much as possible.

The Running Company Geelong

A great place to purchase your shoes after visiting Profeet Podiatry. TRC give you the opportunity to try on different shoes on a treadmill for video analysis.

The Injury Clinic Physiotherapy – Laura Anderson & Zac Turner

The “go to” physios for runners and triathletes in Geelong. Laura & Zac prescribes gym based rehabilitation & strength programs.

The Injury Clinic Sport Dietician – Tim Stewart

Avoid the confusion of nutrition advice on the internet & social media & go straight to the expert. Tim is an accredited & experienced sport dietician. He can conduct sweat testing & analysis, hydration & nutrition plans for day to day & race day.

Bicycle Centre Belmont – Shane Hendrickson

A well-fitted bike can make a huge difference in your power output & speed, as well as injury prevention. Shane uses Velogic 3D Motion system & will spend a couple of hours one on one to make sure your fit is spot on.

Myotherapy – Monique Booth at LaTrobe Health

Monique will not only give your body a good tune up and relax your muscles but will focus on & treat inflamed/sore muscles.

The Performance & Sports Psychology Clinic – Dane Barclay

Dane can assist you to deal with stress/anxiety and improve your performance & mental health.

Bellarine Sport Medicine Centre – Jacquie Johnson

If you are unwell or injured and need a more holistic approach to your health & sport make an appointment to see Jacquie.

Geelong Chiropractic – Kyle Keenan

Visit Kyle at Latrobe Health Centre to get your back & alignment checked.

If you have any questions regarding GPC’s support team, please contact your coach.