GPC athletes often have core strength built into their programs. Some are fortunate enough to have time & resources available to perform their strength & conditioning under the guidance of a personal trainer or in a formal gym setting.

For those limited by time and finances check out our two part series including a program & videos designed to strengthen your core & glutes. Thank you to Shari Livingston (qualified PT & Australian Age Group Triathlon silver medallist) for her expert knowledge & tips in the videos.

These exercises can be done at home with limited equipment and should take approx. 30 minutes to complete. For best results follow this program twice per week progressing the exercises each week as guided in the handout below.

Find Part 2 of the series here!

If you have any questions or would like some clarification please contact Coach Kate.

GPC General Core Strength Program [PDF]


Video 1: Finding Your Neutral Spine

Video 2: Glute Raises

Video 3: Plank

Video 4: Plank Progressions

Video 4: Ab Stretch