>>>Reasons to do training camp

Reasons to do training camp

Training camps

Or simply one of the fastest way to improve and reach your potential. Why?

In my books, mainly for the fun factor, the quality training, the available time with the coaches and the recovery.

You get to live like a pro for 4 to 15 days and you get to spend some serious quality time with your team mates and

the coaching staff. For me, the best way the spend your money and certainly better than racing too much. You make

some amazing memories and take home some knowledge. Falls Creek camp is coming ๐Ÿ™‚

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4x AG World Champion - Stephane originates from Belgium and spent many of his early years racing triathlon there. It is in Belgium through the influence of his parents that he fell in love with the sport. A natural competitor Stephane became a student of the sport always searching for ways to give him an edge over his competition. This constant study and striving for improvement has naturally progressed into a passion for coaching triathlon and itโ€™s individual disciplines.