Efficient Uphill Running Technique

Last week we featured an informative video explaining the most effective technique to run downhill. This week we focus on the uphill which there is plenty of at one of our favourite trail running events- Run Forrest.

Check out this short video demonstrating running uphill. A summary of what is covered:

  • Engage your core muscles in abdomen & hips
  • Lean forward and aim to strike the ground with a flat foot or mid-foot
  • Use arms to drive knee upward & forward but keep them close to your upper body
  • Take short fast steps (high cadence)
  • Avoid striking the ground with your heels & taking long strides
  • Avoid bending over at the hips – look forward to assess the terrain ahead
  • When doing a trail event consider the traction on the bottom of your shoe and either upgrade to a new shoe or consider a trail specific shoe depending on the conditions and the event

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