The change of season often brings the cold and flu season. We go from 25 in March to 15 to 20 degrees, cold and wet mornings and afternoons in April. Best way to stay healthy is to of course eat well, drink plenty of water, do a daily activity, stay away from stress and sleep heaps. But I use Cenovis products to help me stay healthy. The good thing is that they are sold at our two main super markets, Coles and Woolworths so it is very easy to put your hands on the range. Most local pharmacies will stock the range as well.

This is the range I use as a prevention or when I feel run down or sick:
Vitamin C

Olive leaf extract is also a great product to take in the winter or when run down or sick.

Train safe everyone and stay healthy, especially with IM Cairns coming up in 8 weeks 🙂