Race nutrition is just as important as the training for an Ironman (IM) or Marathon.

At GPC, the coaches place a big emphasis on getting this right. At least 12 weeks prior to your event you should fill out our IM nutrition survey so that a specific plan can be devised for your needs. The more information we receive, the more specific the plan will be. This will then need to be trialled over the coming weeks in the longer/more intense sessions. This will give you time to make modifications to suit your specific energy requirements and stomach tolerances.

Coach Stephane has done some extensive research is on pre-race electrolytes load up. It is an important strategy to increase your hydration of both fluid & electrolytes prior to an event. If you only drink water then you are missing the four key electrolytes sodium, potassium, calcium & magnesium. Cramping tends to come from hydration at the muscular level, not the blood plasma level (blood). So the absorption over a period of a few days is important rather than the day before or  just race day. This becomes more important as temperature & humidity increase on race day & in the lead up.

The load up should be done 5 days before a 70.3 or marathon & 10 days before an IM. All you need to do is add them to the water you drink and the muscles will store it. You will feel bloated from this, but you dehydrate at a plasma level first, so the body swelling will disappear quickly.

You still need to follow the normal IM race nutrition routine. You’ll need to make up your own mix as per your nutrition plan.

The Electrolyte Mixture:

  1. Use a 2Lt water bottle.
  2. Add one teaspoon of magnesium powder
  3. Add one teaspoon of calcium powder (crushed tablets)
  4. Add one sachet of Hydralyte (normal is best)
  5. Make sure you top up with filtered water only (especially when abroad)
  6. You need to focus on small sips every 15 minutes if possible. The goal is to drink the full bottle between 8am and 8pm.

Recommended Products:

  1. Cabot Health magnesium powder 300g 
  2. Cabot Complete tablets (90 or 120 tabs)
  3. Hydralyte Sachet

Order online from the Cabot Website or from Phil Shay (Geelong Cross Country Club) at East Geelong Discount Pharmacy.